Bulk URL Opener

Open multiple and bulk URL in one click with Click URL opener. Our online free tool will help you to open multiple of URL very fast in same time.

Enter up to 100 URLs (one per line) in the box below and Click the 'openurl' Button.

Open multiple URL links at once time 

Click URL Opener is a simple site that you simply will use to load multiple URLs promptly (in new tabs or windows). 

Usage: Enter each URL in new line (you will paste the list if you prefer) and click on the "Open URL" button. The web site can the open all the pages in separate tabs or windows (depending on your settings). 

The difference between this web Site and other similar sites is that if an URL doesn't include scheme, it'll default to HTTP. In other words, you'll skip the (protocol) part for "http://" sites and enter only the meaningful part. For example - if you type "google.com" it will be automatically translated to "https://www.google.com". All similar extensions that I tested required fully qualified URL which wasn't very convenient for me and that's actually the most reason I created this tool.